Health insurance in India is the fastest growing segment and projected to grow at a CAGR of 21% till 2025. The growth will be fuelled by both demand and supply. Demand is driven by a growing middle class, young insurable population and increasing awareness of the need for protection. Supply is driven by the increase in products, insurers and intermediaries operating in this space.   There are, however, gaps in the areas of digitisation, financing, technology and fraud control that hold the industry back.  Addressing these gaps through innovative ideas can remove all the roadblocks to penetration and continuing rapid growth. Keeping these imperatives in mind, the conference discussions this year will focus on bridging the identified industry gaps through innovation. The outcome of this effort will be an increase in TRUST, AFFORDABILITY & ACCESSIBILITY. The conference will also showcase a curated set of start-ups that are working to address these gaps with solutions that could potentially be game changers.